On this network, anyone can become an operator and make money.

Who are these opportunities for? Building owners, property managers, business owners, homeowners, tenants, entrepreneurs. Pretty much anyone who has access to or is willing to find access to power and an advantageous antenna location. That’s where we come in.

So what does TBN do? TNB does not own the Althea network; not even a single node on the network. The Block Network provides consulting, procurement, installation, and maintenance services of hardware and software for operators and users on the Althea network. Our services can be acquired on a one-time or ongoing basis. We do this to encourage growth of the network and ensure every user and operator has access to quality resources when they need them. This makes the network better for all operators and users.

What is an operator? This network is made up of routers that automatically pay each other for routing traffic. There are a few different scenarios in which one could make money by operating one of these routers.

Here are the opportunities:

  • User node. These are routers in businesses and homes. Their owners add cryptocurrency to a wallet and the router spends that to get the best internet access it can negotiate. Most often these will connect to another node in the Althea network using an outdoor directional wifi antenna. If you operate any of the other node types mentioned next then you’ll want as many of these user nodes in this network as possible. They are your clients.
    • Any node with WiFi antennas, such as a user node in a home or business, can enable a setting that allows mobile devices to buy access. This could also be useful for conferences, hotels, etc. that might already sell internet and want a better way to automate the accounting while lowering costs for reliable internet access.
  • Relay node. These are routers that connect more users to a gateway node or another relay node. This is required to expand the range and get around obstacles (such as buildings or mountains). The best placed nodes will reach more users and provide paths to multiple gateways.
  • Gateway node. These are routers with internet access. Most data going over the Althea network is going out to the internet. The faster and cheaper the access the more likely your node will capture more traffic. Having multiple operators with gateway nodes close to a user is good for service quality. This increases redundancy of routes and allows for automatic priced-based load balancing.
  • Exit node. These are routers that aren’t necessarily physically connected to the rest of the network. They are trusted parties in that these routers report back to user nodes ensuring the relay nodes and gateway nodes were honest about their advertised quality. This node also acts as the point when a user’s traffic leaves the Althea network and is passed on to another part of the internet off towards its destination. Every user node needs to select an exit node.

Contact us and we’ll help you analyze your opportunities. We’d love to have you on Althea as a user and an operators.

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