On this network, anyone can become an operator and make money.

Who are these opportunities for? Building owners, property managers, business owners, homeowners, tenants, entrepreneurs. Pretty much anyone who has access to or is willing to find access to power and an advantageous antenna location. That’s where we come in.

So what does TBN do? TNB does not own the Althea network; not even a single node on the network. The Block Network provides consulting, procurement, installation, and maintenance services of hardware and software for operators and users on the Althea network. Our services can be acquired on a one-time or ongoing basis. We do this to encourage growth of the network and ensure every user and operator has access to quality resources when they need them. This makes the network better for all operators and users.

What is an operator? This network is made up of routers that automatically pay each other for routing traffic. There are a few different scenarios in which one could make money by operating one of these routers.

Here are the opportunities:

Contact us and we’ll help you analyze your opportunities. We’d love to have you on Althea as a user and an operators.

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