AltExpo #32


Once again the exposition of alternatives manifested at the same time and place as the New Hampshire Liberty Forum and once again the talks were excellent. Thanks and congratulations to the organizers and sponsors.

I personally only made two talks besides my own… and of course my talk was on Althea, the mesh network that makes sense. The talk was titled Buy My Internet!

I spoke for about 15 minutes introducing the technology and then we dove into questions. My intent was to focus on the business opportunities with Althea but the techies in the crowd always have big questions. There were a few questions which had a lot to do with the business sides of things. For instance, one lady asked how customer service would work, and I explained a couple possibilities:

  • Clients hire customer support independently from the Althea system. Ensuring this service is one reason why The Block Network exists. Clients and operators can hire us for one-time and ongoing assistance.
  • Organizers (the subnet DAO) opt to enable a subscription fee on top of the pay-as-you-go system and include some services in that fee. Again, The Block Network is positioned to provide these services, possibly in a contract with the local subnet DAO or in another yet discovered arrangement.

There was also some interest in knowing the price point for participating in this project. Each node install has custom needs but I realize some basic hardware packages or conceptual packages might give prospective operators a clearer view of what is needed. Expect that soon.

I left the event encouraged to talk more about this system and what we are trying to do here at The Block Network.

The following Tuesday I met up with some attendees of my talk to build a test-bed consisting of 3 EdgeRouter X units, one GL.iNet 1300, linked with both wifi bridges and ethernet, and android devices running the Althea app. We were mostly successful and will have the complete test-bed up later this week. The test-bed may prove useful for demonstrations to clients, operators, and investors.

I look forward to more opportunities to brainstorm uses for this technology, but I’m most excited about installing nodes.

If you, or anyone you know, owns a build, has a business with a fiber connection, or is looking to invest in or start a small business, please use our operator contact form here:

Soon, together, we will build the future of the internet. Better internet.