Ready for better internet?

The Block Network means better internet.

We connect you to the most cutting edge network on the entire planet, right here on your block.

Its called Althea and it has come to New Hampshire.

Althea is a revolution. A new way of accessing the internet.

Simply put: Althea is better internet.

Althea (all-thay-uh)

Can your ISP do this?


No contracts! Pay only for what you use.

Althea is new. Its a bit different but it isn’t difficult. Its simply better internet.

Since Althea is new, you probably won’t be surprised to find out it isn’t everywhere yet. However, expanding the network is where Althea vastly differs from traditional ways of connecting to the internet.

When you connect to an Althea network you also have the opportunity to become an operator. Operators own the equipment that the users connect to. It can be as simple as installing an extra antenna on your roof so neighbors behind you can get a connection. Or, it can be much more involved – towers, large antennas, specialized equipment, fiber links, and more. The more people expand the network the better it gets.

Here at The Block Network we help users and operators get connected to Althea. We offer consulting, procurement, hardware sales, installation, maintenance, customer service, technical service, and more. We want to share and grow Althea. This helps you, helps your neighbor, helps New Hampshire.

Internet: Local. Fast. Secure.